A woman's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit after she fell from a rollercoaster and died.

The family of Rosa Esparza, 52, filed a lawsuit against Six Flags Over Texas in September 2013 alleging the park's negligence resulted in Esparza's death. She fell from the Texas Giant rollercoaster and died in July. Six Flags Over Texas reopened the coaster in September, denying any fault.

The lawsuit states an accident like the one that killed Esparza was not anticipated, as 2.5 million people had ridden the coaster without incident before Esparza's death. The rollercoaster, opened in 2011, was subject to a "comprehensive inspection and maintenance procedure" that was "patterned in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations," according to the court filing. The rollercoaster was reopened with new restraint pads and seat belts, where before it had been equipped only with a T-bar restraint system.

The park is also warning customers that they may be turned away as "guests with unique body shapes or sizes may not fit into the restraint system." According to The Dallas Morning News, Esparza was indeed of a unique body shape. Whether this contributed to the accident is not clear.

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